HINO Hybrid Truck Model Specifications
HINO 195 Specifications


Cab Type Standard Standard Standard
Wheelbase A in. 137.8 149.6 173.2
Overall length B in. 228.6 240.4 264.0
Overall width C in. 84.1 84.1 84.1
Overall height D in. 93.8 93.8 93.8
Cab width E in. 78.5 78.5 78.5
Frame width F in. 33.0 33.0 33.1
Useable cab to axle G in. 110 121.8 145.4
Front overhang H in. 44.4 44.4 44.4
Rear overhang I in. 46.3 46.3 46.3
Frame height at
Front axle J in. 29.4 29.4 29.1
Rear axle K in. 32.7 32.7 32.7
Road clearance (at diff. axle) L in. 8.1 8.1 8.1
Front M in. 65.2 65.2 65.2
Rear N in. 65.6 65.6 65.6
Turning diameter
Curb to Curb ft. 43.4 46.7 53.4
Wall to Wall ft. 47.6 50.9 57.6

Chassis Weights

(on standard specification, without spare tire & standard tool set)

AT Total Weight lb. 7,402 7,425 7,525
Front axle lb. 4,595 4,651 4,775
Rear Axle lb. 2,807 2,774 2,750


GCW 19,500 lbs.
GCWR 25,500 lbs.
Powertrain STD OPT
Max. speed mph 68.4 64.6
Startability (tan.?) % 60.0 60.0
Transmission Model Aisin A465
Type Six speed automatic
Ratios 1st 3.742
2nd 2.003
3rd 1.343
4th 1.000
5th 0.773
6th 0.634
Rev 3.539
Rear Axle Gear Ratios 5.571 5.857
Tires (standard) 225/70R19.5


Radiator grille Chrome
Fuel tank Center mount
Fuel pre-filter Heated pre-filter (dust) andsedimenter (water)
Reflectors Two front side
Bumper Painted, match to cab


Model HINO J05E-TP
Type Diesel 4-cycle, 4-cylinder in-line,water-cooled, dry cylinder line
Combustion system Direct injection type
Max. output (SAE Gross) 210HP at 2,500 rpm
Max. torque (SAE Gross) 440 lb.-ft. at 1,500 rpm
Bore and stroke 4.41 x 5.12 in.
Piston displacement 5L
Fuel injection system Radial plunger pump (HP-3)
Governor Electronically controlled
Intake system Turbocharged and intercooled
Air cleaner Paper filter type (Donaldson)
Fan clutch Viscous bimetal clutch
Glow plugs Standard


Meters and gauges ft. lb. system
Speedometer-mph (km/h)
Odometer (mile)
Fuel gauge / DEF gauge
Coolant temperature gauge
Engine tachometer
Warning and pilot lamps and buzzers/audio
ABS warning lamp
Back-up warning buzzer
Battery charging warning lamp
Brake oil level warning lamp
Cab tilt warning lamp and buzzer
Check transmission warning lamp
Economy indicator lamp
Engine control system warning lamp
Exhaust brake indicator lamp
Fuel level warning lamp
Hazard indicator lamp
High beam indicator lamp
Oil pressure warning lamp and buzzer
Parking brake warning lamp
Transmission oil temperature warning lamp
Turn signal pilot lamp


Air conditioning Standard
Cab construction All steel welded
Cigarette lighter Standard
Coat hook One (rear panel)
Cruise control Standard
Cup holders Standard
Door locks Power
Door pockets Two
Driver's seat Reclining, foam padded, high-back seat, covered with fabric
Heater/Defroster 18,596 BTU/h
Mirrors Four, 1-flat and 1-convex at each side
Overhead consoles Two
Passenger right seat Fixed, foam padded, high-back seat, covered with fabric
Passenger center seat Foam padded, covered with fabric,foldaway type with back seat console
Seat belts 3-point type (driver and passenger),one 2-point type (center)
Seating capacity Three
Speakers Two
Sun visors Two
Windows Power
Windshield Laminated
Windshield wipers Dual electric, 2-speed and intermittent

HINOWATCH (service free of charge from Hino with new purchase)

3 year unlimited roadside assistance

  • Lockout Service
  • Battery Jumpstart
  • Information
  • Warranty Towing (2 year coverage)


6 Wheels 19.5X6K-127 6-stud disc.
Wheel style Steel, painted
6 Tires 225/70R19.5
Tire pattern Fr-rib Rr-all season


Front Axle 6,830 lbs.
Rear Axle 13,670 lbs.
Front Spring 6,834 lbs.
Rear Spring 13,760 lbs.


Fuel Tank 30 gal.
Cooling System 5.54 gal.
Engine Oil 9.94 qt.
DEF Tank 4.7 gal.


Front Axle Reversed Elliot, "I" beam
Rear Axle Full-floating, single reduction;
Single-speed by hypoid gearings
Front Spring Taper-leaf springs shock absorbers
Rear Spring Taper-leaf springs shock absorbers


Ladder type Straight section
Width in. 33
Yield strength PSI 56,900
Resisting bending moment (one side) (114.2, 137.8, 149.6 WB) in.-lbs. 706,900 (no reinforcement)
Resisting bending moment (one side) (173.2 WB) in.-lbs. 846,100 (no reinforcement)


Steering Column Tilt and telescopic with lock adjustability
Steering System Recirculating ball, with
hydraulic booster, integral type


Batteries 2, parallel connection, each 12v
Capacity 1200 CCA
Alternator 12v. 130A, brush Delco
Starter 12v, 4.0 kW Denso
Stereo AM/FM radio with CD
Headlamps Daytime running
Back-up lamps
Dome lamp
Electric horn (dual)
Front side marker lamps
Side-flasher lamp
Stop/Tail lamps
Trucklite LED marker lamps (front)


Service brake Hydraulic system with disc brake forfront and rear wheels
Disc diameter x pad area (in.2) x thickness (in.) Front: 13.72 x 4.37 x 0.51Rear: 13.72 x 4.37 x 0.51
Control Hydraulic assist, dual circuit
Parking brake Mechanical, internal expanding acting on transmission output shaft
Parking brake Drum diameter 8 inches
Exhaust brake Electric-pneumatic with valve in exhaust pipe


Battery - GR31 type (off line modification)
Cab paint, exterior - Black, red, yellow, blue, green, silver
Cold weather package - Power heated mirrors - Engine block heater - Fuel heater
Engine block heater/fuel heater - 1,000 watts / 120V
Engine idle shutdown
Fuel tank - 33 gallon side mount (N/A 114.2 Wheelbase)
Front bumper - Black plastic
Front stabilizer
GVW Derate 17,950 (factory order only)
Keyless entry - Available with power windows and power door locks only
Keyed alike - Matching key codes
Key plate - Four key option
Manual windows and door locks
Mirror Bracket for 102” wide body
Mirrors, power heated
P.T.O. capable
Radiator grille - Painted (match to cab)
Seat, driver’s - Magnetic suspension with arm rest (pre-mium moquette fabric only)
Seat - Vinyl fabric, center seat without seat back console(not available on crew cab)
Tow hook One at front

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